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Finnish education event in HK

February 3, 2016





For the first time in Hong Kong the Finnish Chamber of Hong Kong will organize and 

host a Finnish education event. There is huge interest in Hong Kong about the 

Finnish education system and how it is able to always score so high in the PISA table, 

without the exam focused culture that exists in Asia.


One goal of this event is to have Finnish educational experts, explain the history of 

the Finnish system, where it is today, and where it might go in the future. At the 

same time it is an opportunity for selected Finnish educational start-ups to gain 

exposure in Hong Kong, with the objective of establishing and opening potential 

business opportunities. 


This is an invited audience only event, there will be over 150 people invited, their 

backgrounds will have some association with education. From school group owners, 

to educational distributors, to influential patents groups, they will mainly be from 

HK, but there will also be decision makers from China and some other SE Asian 

countries who have already confirmed their attendance.


In addition we will have strong media coverage such is the interest in Finnish 

education, this will range form Now TV the biggest cable company in HK, (who are in 

the process of making a documentary about Finnish Education) to parent 

publications and general HK media.


The FINNCHAM event will take place at the SME center, which is housed in the Hong 

Kong Conference and Exhibition center Wanchai.  The event will begin 12 mid-day 

and conclude at 5 pm. The Finnish Consulate General of Hong Kong will make the 

opening talk, followed by Professor Kristiina Kumpulainen, who is the Professor of 

Education at the Department of Teacher education, Faculty of Behavioral Sciences, 

University of Helsinki. Additional Finnish experts are also now in talks to attend and 

will be announced very soon.


It is the intention that during the event start-ups will have the opportunity to 

network and to demonstrate their products, this would happen in two ways. First 

start-ups would be able to have a small table and two chairs in part of the event hall, 

secondly they would also have the opportunity to make a 10/15 minute presentation 

to the whole audience as part of the event


On the 18th there would be opportunities to have informal meetings local companies 

involved in the education sector, and to possibly make a school visit, subject to 

numbers and interest.


A second major opportunity for start-ups is to take part in the 21st Century Learning 

conference 18-20th Feb, which is also being held at the HKCEC. This opportunity 

would be in the form of having a small presence at the innovation center 19-20th for 

this conference. FINNCHAM have negotiated a special price for this attendance for 

Finnish Start-ups, this will be 400 USD for two people for two days. Please note the 

attendees at the 21st Century conference pay a high fee for attendance due to the 

number of speakers, which means you would have access to high quality decision 

makers from 25 countries world wide. Of this 85% are from Asia, where the markets 

in education are all growing.


If you have an interest in attending this double opportunity, send me an email at 


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