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Stuart at RTHK radio 3

February 3, 2016

Yesterday I went to RTHK radio 3 live to talk about Finnish education. We had really interesting conversation and you can hear it from the below link.


I was also promoting upcoming education event on the 19th of February at Chinese University of Hong Kong. Polkuni is one of the sponsors of the event. 


Here's more info:



 "Examinations and Assessments : Uses and Misuses in 21st Century Education"


Education around the world is conducted with the help of exams and assessments. Many of us 

wonder why in Finland, their way of education and assessing students have not led to drilling 

and pressure for children? Why in the US, parents, schools and even administrators are 

rethinking the value and form of standardized tests for young students? How are public 

standardized assessments being used in HK and other parts of the world? What are their uses 

As we are talking more about the difficult-to-measure soft skills and attributes desirable for the 

21st century, how should we balance the pursuit of big data,  design exam and assessment, 

and use its data to ensure that  individual development of students is safeguarded? 


Comparing US, Finland & HK perspectives


After months of heated TSA debate, it is opportune to have important academics from the US 

and Finland visiting HK and join this seminar to give us fresh perspectives. Dr. Stephen Krashen, professor emeritus at the University of Southern California Dr. Kristiina Erkkilä, Dir. of Development for the Education & Cultural Services, Espoo, Finland Professor Esther Ho, Professor, Dept. of Educational Administration and Policy, Fac of Ed, CUHK The panel will be moderated by Prof. Stephen Chiu, Department of Sociology and Co-Director of The Hong Kong Institute of Asia-Pacific Studies, CUHK. Panelists will talk about how exams and assessments are developing in the US, and how Finland, the revered nation in education, assess their students. Hong Kong’s own former PISA director will give her experience in this inspiring seminar too. 


Venue: ELB-LT2 (Esther Lee Building), CUHK


You are cordially invited to come to this seminar.  Fill out the google form before Feb 14th with the link below to reserve seats for this FREE seminar. registration form:


Organiser: EDiversity   

Co-organisers: Hong Kong Centre for International Student Assessment, CUHK

Public Policy Research Centre, The HK Institute of Asia-Pacific Studies, CUHK


The organiser would like to thank the following organisations for making this seminar possible:

The Faculty of Education, the University of HK:  for the sponsorship of Dr. Stephen Krashen 

Polkuni (HK): for the sponsorship of Dr. Kristiina Erkkilä

The Co-organisers: for the Venue

Bring Me a Book (HK) & Yellow Bus  for the support of this seminar.





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