SongHi at Saariselkä

Never thought that we ever get this far, Fenix bird has risen from the ashes, said Simo when The SongHi Boys met in Finnish Lapland. After 10 years and a bankruptcy the SongHi 4.2 version will see the day of light in a week. The dream team has worked around it now for half a year. Now it is time to focus and soft launch testing. Feel free to check it out. We have a very easy approach to the world of sounds and creating music around it with touch of reality. There is still work to do but I'm super excited about the start. This is the year of audio.

Learning from all this is that there is life after death for a product if the team is passionate about continuing the journey. Special SongHi thanks to Simo, Miika, Chris, Lauri, Stuart, Olli, Toni.

Producer Toni leading the discussion.

Race downhill 1,2 km. Winner not in the picture.

We got lucky again with aurora borealis.

If we ever make it BIG this is the jet of choice.

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