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EDGEof launches in Tokyo, new multipurpose innovation/startup space.

April 3, 2018

 I attended the opening day of EDGEof in Tokyo on Sunday April 1st,  this is a new multipurpose innovation and startup centre. It was interesting to see such a cross-section of people at this event, form many different sectors and different countries. It also showed there is a big interest in the startup scene in Tokyo, and the desire to link up with like minded people and companies outside Japan, as well as inside. The building itself is in a great location in downtown Tokyo, and the design and layout work really well with each floor offering a different activity and space configuration, its really well thought out, I'm sure it will be a success.


Things just starting to get going, as people arrive, lots of great networking...

 Founders launching the opening of the space, I'm guessing around 200 people came for the event which is a pretty good attendance for a Sunday afternoon in Cherry Blossom season.

 Media pitch by the founders....

 Products concepts in the VR space...

 An interesting product to gets kids to have more physical activities rather than just digital.. 

 Image from the media lab..


Below a very cool Zen tea room in the basement of the building...







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