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Hong Kong updates.....

We recently had a Swedish education delegation in town, looking to explore what is happing in Hong Kong but also what is now happing in Shenzhen. which is now part of the new formation of the Bay area.

As a result of the formation of the Greater Bay area Hong Kong's location and unique approach becomes much more significant, as we are now talking about an accessible market of 68 million people, who are in one of the wealthier areas of China.

This is supported by the Chinese governments plan to develop the Belt and Road, a trade and logistic route across a major part of the globe, Hong Kong will play a significant role in this program.

The new major rail link connecting the major cities in the Greater Bay area builds more reason why Hong Kong is again becoming a strategic location from which to do business across the whole of Asia, and one of the reason Polkuni in based in HK. The information shown in the about slides are taken from a presentation by investHK

I was asked by the Swedish delegation to share my knowledge and experience about the Edtech scene in Asia and what are the issues to consider when coming to HK/China. I always give the same message to everyone, do not underestimate the cultural differences, and don't come unless you ahve a product that is proven and ready to sell in the market, no one buys ideas.

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