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Visiting the School of Creativity in Hong Kong

I visited the school of Creativity, Tuesday, its a very a interesting concept. The reason for my visit is they will have a 3 day conference there at the school in October or November , I was there seeing how to link in the Finnish aspect of this conference. The picture of myself is with Ada Wong, the founder of the school of Creativity in HK.

Curriculum Design Principle

To consolidate learning and creativity with comprehensive and substantial foundation, we nurture our students based on three aspects:

- Knowledge and Theories - Creative and Expressive Techniques - Thinking and Imagining Skills We also emphasize three learning experiences to nurture students’ multiple intelligences and to actualize their overall cognitive and technique learning:

- Exploration and Research - Application of Theories, Creation and Expression - Appreciation and Critique

The Objectives of Curriculum Design:

Students of HKSC should be able - To obtain knowledge and techniques from reading, research and practice so as to enhance their creativity - To realize self-discipline, apropos art sense and sound foundation technique through creative tasks - To express themselves in appropriate use of Chinese, English and Putonghua - To be compassionate towards the society and culture

Ada Wong is the founder of the school of Creativity in Hong Kong.

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