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Creative Kids Hong Kong !!..for the last 25 years !!

Hong Kong gets a lot of bad press about kids not following a creative path at any point in their education, for the most part this is true. But for the last 25 years "Creative Kids" has been providing the environment and the opportunity for kids to spark up their imaginations and create lots of wonderful things, they way they see them, with a little nurturing and support from the Creative kids team.

The environment looks and feels creative, as all true learning environments should !!

Angie, who founded "Creative Kids" 25 years ago, still walks the talk, she continues to maintain a great culture and atmosphere, to inspire both young and old. Creativity is not something you measure or test, it's something you feel and and do, everyone is creative, its just educated out of most people today at an early age, people like the Creative kids team, nurture it and help it grow.

Everything can be creative and fun, even the basic corridor in a building !! Every physical touch point in the Creative kids environment is Creative.

When there is a list of 21st Century skills needed, creativity is always there. But the perception is today some people are creative and some are not, in my view this is not true. Everyone is creative, because creativity comes from our imagination, and everyone has an imagination, its just with some people it stays internal to them, creativity is the greatest thing anyone can share.

As Creative kids are celebrating 25 years, they have listed 25 things they have learned from children, when you read them they are really a mantra for how we should live our lives.

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