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Polkuni presenting at xEdu Helsinki on China and SE Asian markets

Giving overview of the general market place in China and SE Asia to some of the startup teams presently involved in the xEdu accelerator on the Helsinki university campus. Lots of great ideas and solutions being polished by the teams now almost at the end of their program. The range of products goes from coding for small children, to online degree courses for adults, there are some really interesting products around the area of self-esteem and confidence building of children and teenagers.

Xedu is now opening the next round of applications for the program starting in the fall, this is a unique opportunity for any edtech startup with some existing market traction, see below information:

Application to our Fall 2016 Program start 2nd of May. Please apply here:

We are looking for EdTech startups in general, but with a special interest towards those with a product in the following areas: Learning Analytics, AR, VR, Adaptive Learning, Assessment & Evaluation and Social & Emotional Learning.

Also, if your product is a solution that supports the development of Competencies (Critical Thinking, Creativity, Communication & Collaboration) and / or Character Qualities (Curiosity, Initiative, Persistence, Adaptability, Leadership, Social & Cultural Awareness) within the 21st Century Framework - Please apply now!

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