Arctic15 in Helsinki

Few notes from the first day at Arctic15 .

StartUps are dead by Layne Skinner:

What's LOVE got to do with startups? How about you invest to love, the extension of yourself, focusing to people around you. Let's face it, most startups fail and the only thing left then after crash is the relationships you have built during your journey. It is an investment that always gives you back maximum ROI (Return Of Investment).

Pyongyang StartUp Week by Muaffak Ahmed:

My friend Faku was honoured to be invited to North-Korea teach 23 students of Pust University startup life from investor point of view. As I'm about to travel to country myself in September, I was excited to hear his experiences. There is more you could believe happening behind the scenes. After all nothing happened during overnight in China. See story link in Finnish

A magical new innovation: Herb inhalator

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