Polkuni HK moving forward

Today we finally got to have a meeting with the bank in HK to open our business account, because banks in HK insist on meeting Directors in person, and have them sign in person, Pasi had to make the trip from Helsinki, long way to meet a bank !! We had to book the meeting 6 weeks ago, such is the demand to open companies in HK, we understand on average 1,000 companies per week.

Even though we booked the meeting 6 weeks ago for 4.30pm, we started the meeting at 6.30pm, you need to have patience when dealing with banks in HK. Having said that setting up a company is straightforward, and the culture of HK is built towards making business easy.

Waiting for the bank meeting... almost 2 hours in... Pasi and Connie our HK company secretary, all showing the required patience.

Polkuni HK has also joined Metta, a new co-working / meeting space concept in Central in HK, Metta is designed for investors, startups and mentors, so whenever you spend time there you will meet someone who is either an investor, startup or mentor so great networking place. This will be the Polkuni HK virtual office, so we are always in the right place to meet the right people.

Great interior with great views of HK, Polkuni and partners will use this space for a seminar in early July targeted to educators and parents, the event looks sold out on the 2nd day of marketing so good response.

One thing about HK, as well as the opportunity to network with the right people and build a hub for the bigger Asian market, is the city skyline, even better when you have the full moon, looks like a nice watercolour painting.


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