"Education with a twist", Polkuni HK on the Noreen Mir radio show every month !!

As part of the continued awareness of the Finnish style approach to education to a HK audience, we now have a monthly slot on the Noreen Mir 123 show, on HK Radio 3. Noreen's show goes out on air between 1.15 pm and 3 pm every week day, looking at lifestyle items that are new and developing in HK. This gives us a great platform to look at both education and in some cases health education that are now developing or trending in HK. The idea being each month Polkuni HK (Yours truly) brings along an interesting guest who is involved in education, but whose approach is more in line with the Finnish education culture. The structure of the show is we, Noreen, myself and guest have a fireside chat about what the guest is doing and why it is interesting and important to education.

The first guest in the "Education with a twist" slot was Angelica Fung (Angie !) who was the founder of Creative kids over 25 years ago. I have visited Creative kids locations in HK many times, the environment and the people are always inspiring and it's great seeing kids being naturally creative. I emphasize the word naturally, because kids are all naturally creative in their own way when they are given the chance and the materials to work with, and some great nurturing support. An interesting fact about the Alumni from Creative Kids is that a high percentage went on to become Architects, which is very interesting, given there is a lot of research around now confirming the importance of making things with your hands when you are young, which has a positive effect on your problem solving skills later in life.

Angie, Noreen, yours truly

Angie, Noreen and yours truly.

Creative Kids website

Creative Kids website

Creative Kids website


Radio show recording at http://tinyurl.com/hotsy53

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