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New exciting EdTech ideas join the xEdu accelerator in HELSINKI, the first of its kind in the world.

Last week I joined the first presentations of the latest companies to have made it through to the xEdu accelerator program, these were the top 12 companies selected from over 100 applicants, there are some very innovative ideas and products, great to see these. The areas covered by the teams span a number of educational aspects, 3D Design / Printing ,VR / 360 Video , Assessment & Evaluation , Music Education, Social Emotional Learning / Animation , IT solutions for the Early Childhood Sector and STEM. We will watch the development of the teams over the next 4 months as they work through the xEdu program.

One of the features now in the xEdu program is that all the teams are able to have their products evaluated by KOKOA STANDARD (, this is basically a pedagogical evaluation and validation, and gives the teams great feedback for possible improvement areas of their products. KOKOA STANDARD are now racking up a list of international clients for their evaluation services, so this is a great feature to add into the xEdu program, another world first for EdTech startups.

Olli and Marika going through the evaluation process for the benefit of the new EdTech companies in the xEdu accelerator program. The evaluation process gives a very detailed and comprehensive feedback to the companies, it can then become their product evolution roadmap, this is somethng of value to every EdTech startup.

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