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Raising the awareness of Social Emotional Learning in Hong Kong

In the monthly radio slot we have with Noreen Mir's daytime show, we this week on "Education with a twist" talked about the need for Social Emotional Learning in schools. It's a big issue not only in HK but also many parts of Asia, and results from a cultural view point that is not a good thing to ask for help or show you have some social or emotional concerns, so you end up dealing with it yourself in your own way, or in the extreme cases not at all.

On the show this week my guest was Dr Vinci, she a associate professor in counseling and psychology at HKU, and her PhD was on psychiatry and neuroscience, so Vinci is well placed to see the results in society of a lack of Social Emotional Learning taking place in schools.

One of the main areas of our short term focus with Polkuni HK is to bring some of the great Social Emotional Learning EdTech solutions that exist in Finland, into the HK market. The benefit of the SEL approach is it does not link to a specific curriculum, its about building the social and emotional skills in children, to ultimately let feel better about themselves and then their relationships to others. Mightifier is a great example and will be trailed in HK schools starting January 2017.

Yours truly, with Dr Vinci, and Noreen our radio show host...

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