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Polkuni HK to work with Singapore start up iMMERSiVELY on VR in Education sector.

Yours truly and Lionel Chock, Creative Technologist and founder of iMMERSSiVELY Singapore.

VR in many ways is still in its infancy, but given all the big players, Google, Facebook and most popular HTC are all pushing forward, its a technology we cannot ignore, especially in education. The future of VR really allows for immersion in subjects, where content can be delivered in a way that all the senses are engaged, in this context any learning will be much deeper.

Hardware is still at the high end innovators based on the price point if you are looking for the best VR experience money can buy you today. But for sure the prices of the hardware will start to fall over time as the technology improves and the interest grows.

This has not stopped people like google also opening up the market to everyone at much lower price point, and yes with a lower quality image, but still with the opportunity to experience something new in a more immersive and engaging way.

In the context of education VR can offer many opportunities to see and therefore learn existing content delivered in a new format. Watch this space as this will move forward over the next 12 months with increased interest and VR educational applications, and with more VR solutions both hardware and software coming to the market.

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