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Finland - Taiwan Smart City Forum, Taipei 14th October

Polkuni had the opportunity in Taipei to share our thoughts about Finnish EdTech in Asia, specifically Asian Pacific where we mainly operate. The event was arranged by FinPro and the Helsinki Business Hub, the core theme on the Education side was the new approaches Helsinki were making in terms of the curriculum and the school design to meet the needs of the 21st Century. The focus was on Helsinki and not Finland as a whole as the event was organised through Helsinki City. The focus was also about building the relationships with Helsinki City and the City of Taipei. In Asia, in particular, the city to city twinning relationship works really well to drive relationships and opportunities. The is usually much more effective than just high level government connections, opportunities happening at a city level can then in most cased move much faster.

Mayor of Helsinki Jussi Pajunen

Marjo Kyllonen Acting Head of Basic Education Division, Helsinki City.

For my part I talked about what we are doing as Polkuni Finland and Polkuni HK, with our partner companies in Asia Pacific, below are some of the slides from my deck, so I covered xEdu, Mightifier for SEL, KOKOA STANDARD for our evaluation process and then touched on VR, and area we are looking at with a Singaporean based partner.

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