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Garage +, really cool Accelerator in Taipei

I had the opportunity the other day to make a very interesting visit to an accelerator in Taipei called Garage +, (check out, it was really interesting to see the sort of companies that at looking to enter the accelerator. The companies who had hardware solutions to the products were able via Garage +, to link up with some great Taiwanese manufacturing partners, having this sort of access to top engineers when you are looking to go from a prototype to a manufactured product makes a huge difference to your chances of success.

As well as acting a an accelerator Garage + also offer a service to entrepreneurs looking to enter the asian market, which is a great platform to have. It also appeared to be the case that they have lots of connections to VC's in the area, which is always a major plus for anyone needing capital to scale to the next level.

From a Polkuni perspective I hope we can build stronger relations with Garage+ for our HealthTech side, which is one of the areas Garage + focus in. Big thankyou to Josephine for her overview of all that is happening and possible with Garage+, and a big thankyou to Jason and Elan for the presentation.

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