Media Lunch in HK launching the Learning and Teaching show HK 8-10Dec

Invited to attend the Media lunch for the launching of the Learning and Teaching show in HK 8-10 Dec. The event is to introduce the media to what sort of educational products they will see at the show this year. For the first time at the event there will be a small Finland pavilion, presented by Polkuni HK and housing 5 Finnish companies with more Finnish brands represented by Polkuni HK. Interest in Finnish education brands is growing so 2017 is an important year to start to make real traction in the HK market, and from there into other Asian markets, Polkuni HK is now positioned to help make this happen, through a number of trusted partnerships it has created.

Victor Cheng, Executive Director HK EdCity Ltd, Stu Polkuni HK, and Peter Mok, Head of Incubation programmes, HK Science and Technology Park.

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