Bett Asia at Kuala Lumpur

The SongHi 4.0 team decided to retreat to the closest educational venue on the globe and ended up into KL, Malaysia. The reasons varied from business to escaping family life but the main purpose was to get new team of SongHi guys brainstorming about the future of the product and piloting it in Dwi Emas international school. First day was full of surprises like meeting manager level people of the companies which also seemed to enjoy combining business and leisure abroad.

Talking about the future of Finnish educational brand with Pasi Sahlberg we seem to agree of the need for continuous innovation in Edu field, need for global business skills around edu and need to establish the Finnish Educational Ecosystem (showroom Finlab) to prove it practise.

The SongHi 4.0 boyz!

Finnish delegation with Melissa and Ann of Dwi Emas.

How could there be two Pasi's at the same event asked many when they approach me.

Beautiful scenic park

Olli is excited before his pitch at StartUp division.

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