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Dwi Emas Entrepreneurial School

Image A School where

- all students greet visitors with a smile and a high five,

- most teachers have had corporate jobs

- students prefer school to vacations

- students stay voluntarily in school after classes

just to mention the few things that caught our eye.

We popped into Dwi Emas International Entrepreneurial School in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia yesterday. At the entrance hall there was a hiphop dual battle going on with cheers and dance. Students studied on the floor doing handwork. In the gym there was a stage rehearsal going on while students ate lunch. It all started from passionate teacher Anne Tham wanting to change education. First class was on the last floor in the supermarket. Now they are expanding to other countries. We (The Songhi boyz) were all very impressed of their approach to education.

Marilyn made out of kisses with lipstick by the students (both boys and girls)

HipHop dual battle on the hall

Not just a school

Art class

First Entrepreneurial school in Malaysia

Wall paintings by students

Rock and Roll!

Doing homework after school

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