Week in HK

I spent a week with Stuart in HK working for our spring focus and having meetings with potential partners. We met similar minded people who think there is a momentum for educational change in the market. The "old school education" will hit the wall in near future as technological development is taking huge steps. The small kids in kindergarten will face a very different labor market what we are used to. Many of the new professions we do not even know of now. The big question to me is "What will happen to teenagers the system produces who find themselves not wanted after school years?" I see a lot of problems, unrest and even wars. In Asia it's all about competition, winning and working super hard. In Finland it's about collaboration, sharing and having fun. Introducing entrepreneurial aspect of failing is crucial to Asia if they want to increase their creativity.

Creativekids kindergarten visit

Creativekids student's stone wall. They often come to take a look of their stone later on I was told.

University statue.

Philippine maids and nannies crowd the streets during weekends for many reasons.

Let's Play street jamboree at party street in HK.

Macau casino wall

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