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Slush week at Helsinki

It was a good Slushy week. Educational track took it's first Slush steps at Fun Learning Lift Off pre-Slush event. The Slush event itself visually and content wise excellent. Many do not understand how important this is not only to Finland but to world also. All future kids must have entrepreneurial skills and mindset to survive. That's why we need to change education globally.

It's Europe's turn to start the love what you love and care about the people around you. Let's use any vehicle helping us along the way to move faster. For education Space is natural choice. It's all about challenging yourself to be an explorer. The values in Space are the right ones to create a democratic movement. Maybe we learn to appreciate our planet a bit more after seeing our planet from above.

We did not forget the show factor at Fun Learning Lift Off!

Full house at Fun Learning Lift Off.

Peter V. said that there were more people at this first Edu event than first Slush happening

Let's give everyone a freedom to dream!

Do you listen to yourself?

Astronaut Greg Johnsson (on stage) and the first space band.

StartUp vs. VC

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