Think African !

I had a splendid opportunity to get some idea of the African way of thinking during my Christmas vacation in South-Africa and Mozambic. It's very social (family oriented), fun (smiling, dancing and singing), personal (just be what you are) and originally simple in many ways. I felt like I was having a trip to the roots of humanity. Life is very challenging there in many ways to get the most out of it.

South-Africa has a lot to teach us about choosing non violence route. They had all the elements for civil war. Africa is full of kids and in many countries they are treasure carrying bag full of dynamite. How they decide to use their energy without dream and hope is a big question in the near future affecting countries next to them big way.

Take it easy

A moment of silence if front of an government building

The Baobab tree - "Tree of life"

The mastermind that did not make it

Table mountain

Cell of a prisoner 46664

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