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Polkuni HK facilitates Fun Academy partnership with SkyWide HK for first Finnish style Kindergarten

Yesterday we had the PR launch from SkyWide group ( of Hong Kong, launching their partnership with Fun Academy ( a Polkuni partner company, which has now become the first Finnish style Kindergarten in HK. The team from SkyWide is a very strong team in terms of the local HK educationalists involved, which gives great credibility to the project, I'm sure this will be the start of great things here in HK.

The little kids showing off the new uniform design which comes from the FA team in Finland.

Yours truly being interview for a FB video to be added to the SkyWide website.

I made a short presentation on Finnish education, but I always make the point that at this stage the HK education system has a culture of competition and the Finnish education system has a cuture of collaboration.

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