Fun Academy teacher training for new HK Finnish approach Playschool and Kindergarten

As the official opening of the new Fun Academy HK partnership for playschool and kindergarten gets closer, Saara (VP Education Fun Academy) is training the local teaching staff and management on the Fun Learning approach on how to link this with the local curriculum. The training is taking place at a traditional kindergarten setting in Hong Kong, the interior deisgn of the new Playschool will follow the Fun Academy design principles. The partnership between SkyWide Education Consultancy ( and Fun Academy Finland ( facilitated by Polkuni HK ( will be the first of its kind in Hong Kong.

It is planned to open the Playschool in March, and the full Kindergarten in September, at this stage the applications for the Playschool places are full, the Kindergarten places have not yet been opened up. There is a growing interest in the Finnish education approach in Hong Kong, especially in the context of early childhood, so we can watch with interest how this Finnish platform is developed and how it starts to move the mindsets, in a small way, to a more child centered approach to early education.

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