Day 2 EduTech Manila...

One of the really interesting presenters on the second day was Henry Motte-Munoz of with his keynote emphasizing "The importance of entrepreneurism to growing economies". Henry has basically set up with some colleagues a data base that allows local Filipinos to find the best courses that meet their future desires. So their data base not only rates schools it also rates the best courses for the students, based on actual course evaluation. There is also an option for scholarships and for overseas study. Henry's goal is to ultimately have all schools and universities in the Philippines shown on their database.

As a developing country the Philippines also suffers from retaining the best students in the growing global market, this was also one of the themes of the second day. There is also the issue in the Philippines of the wide difference in the quality of education available in the major cities compared to the poorer province areas. This also reflects the difference in the quality and availability of teaching professionals. Probably. with out exception, the respect teachers experience in Finland from society in general is unique to Finalnd, this certainly is not the case in some developing nations. If you were to ask a poor family in the slum areas of the cities in the Philippines or in remote areas of the provinces, in terms of things that are important in life would be food, saftey and perhaps education third. The goal ultimately of education should be to help eliminate the first two.

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