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ChemCaper to be evaluated by EDB Chemistry team, ChemCaper is a KOKOA certified product

We had a very positive meeting at HK EdCity office to talk with the EDB team responsible for the Chemistry curriculum in Hong Kong, headed by Dr Raymond Fong. The objective of the meeting was to discuss the application of the world's first RPG game for teaching chemistry, called ChemCaper ( ChemCaper was conceived by ACE Edventure studio, part of the ACE Edventure group who have three international schools in Malaysia, including the latest which is the first Entrepreneurial school in Malaysia, and the first of its type in Asia.

The ChemCaper product has been tested in Finnish schools, and has been evaluated and certified by the KOKOA Standard team in Helsinki Finland. The use of gaming to provide another means of delivering content is something that continues to grow in education, but having the right products that truly deliver quality pedagogy is not so easy to find. ChemCaper has already won a number of awards for its approach to making Chemistry fun and engaging, never thought I would write the words fun and engaging when talking about Chemistry.

We had a very positive meeting at HK EdCity office with the team from EDB developing the Chemistry curriculum for Hong Kong schools, lead by Dr Raymond Fong. Also in attendance, Anne Tham the founder of

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