Polkuni HK facilitating xEdu alumni teams at HK EdCity HQ, training HK teachers

Mightifier, SEPPO and Bomberbot, all companies that have been through the xEdu accelerator in Helsinki (www.xedu.co), are now training HK teachers to start trials of their products into HK schools. At this point 24 Hong Kong schools will be involved in the trials, the response from the teachers being trained by the teams was very good. One of the key features of the approach taken by xEdu during the accelerator program is a heavy initial focus on the pedagogy of the Edtech products. A lot of work is carried out with the co-creation support of Finnish schools, both teachers and students. This initial investment in this environment pays dividends when teams then taking their products overseas and need to train local teachers in the application and function of their products. The fact teachers can immediately grasp the products as they have been designed to cater for the teachers perspective means teachers can feel very comfortable with applying products that have the xEdu label.

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