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EBAN meeting in Malaga

European Business Angel Network had their annual meeting in Malaga. I joined Kalle of Space Nation to see how EBAN resonates with Space and how viral is angel investing in other European countries.

One of the top take aways was Jeff Hoffman's views on startups with his 25 yrs of experience. It's all about winning a gold medal according to Jeff. Focus of finding one thing where you are the best in the world. The only work for CEO is to build the winning team with gold medal talent, which is the most scarest and valuable asset to the company and focus on the operational excellence. I agree with Jeff saying that too often teams forget to ask the customers why would they choose their solution to others.

Kalle, Jeff, Me

Jeff's thesis in a nut shell

Surprising figures. Estonia and Finland leading the way.

Big money for Finnish startup Kimmo Kaitala's 360Visualizer

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