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Empowering slums in Argentina

Just next to Buenos Aires railway station, in the city centre, is a slum settlement. In few years that area could be the source of young entrepreneurs. To me it shows the new way of thinking differently when seeking for new talent. If you need to choose between a equal teams coming from middle class or slum background, which one would you bet your money on? In general Argentina seems to want to pivot the deep dive and get back to the tracks with help of innovative SME's. We witnessed a blooming startup ecosystem ready to take pole position in LatAm.

Our delegation which also included Miikka (left) from tax office.

So close and so far away from the city centre. Kids need to cross tracks to take short cut to school

These stairs are the only way to apartments.

PeterW empowering entrepreneurs.

Kalle of Space Nation talking how to make his space dream come true.

Co-working space in the city of Buenos Aires.

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