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Closer to the heart!

It all started at Fisherville Junior High School in Toronto where two boys, Alexandar and Gary became friends and started to dream about their musical path. They both dropped out of school despite the resistance of their parents to follow their passion in RUSH. After 40 years and 40 albums later they were ready to retire and give up large scale touring.

I've been a fan of Rush since my army night watch in 1986 (Signals was one of the cassette tapes piled on the guard desk). During my Toronto trip walking through the Rush must see sights was a long dream come true.

Thinking of a school as a meeting place of a creativity to form a life long journey of friendship was mind blowing. We are so far from that in so many schools. What a waste of talent and passion!

This is where the magic of life long friendship started at the Toronto suburb.

A creativity park named after Alex and Geddy at Toronto.

Speaking is about listening

To celebrate creativity

The trio finally together. I actually met these guys in Helsinki 10 yrs ago.

Taking the Center Stage !

Walk on Fame in Toronto

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