Gamify your life

It's been a while I've been to Gamescom in Köln, Germany. This time with Bon Games CEO Ilkka. I have a small hunch what is going on in gaming through Ilkka, Sisu Games and my son Arni but seeing is again believing. It is mind-blowing to feel up to 100k gaming fans (mostly teens) a day fill a massive exhibition centre for four days to play and get together around their favourite games and to see the latest tech trends in gaming. For some the favourite game seems to give an alternative identity. Advanced technology, improved quality and real life circumstances might at some point pass the boring reality. Your game identity becomes and feels more real than the actual one you live.

Anyway, gamification will be applied to most things in our life to give motivation to complete everyday tasks with a smile. It happens so easily that you'll be surprised. I'm already now thinking of the strategy how to drive tomorrow home from the airport to brake the previous record of driving full electric with my hybrid car.

My game identity?

Future Olympics: esports

Even the retro games had passionate teen followers.

Merchandising is a BIG business

Finnish Gaming companies were next to Iranian booth.

Future amusement park.

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