Education Finland...3rd try!

First wave was the willingness to grow, second wave was ability to grow and now the third wave should be now for real. This is the long history of exporting Finnish education in a nut shell now under the command of the Finnish National Agency of Education. There were a research and feedback sessions during the spring and the conclusion is that there is more potential than ever, even a figure of 100m€ in sales was mentioned as a goal. Many of us thought it was missing at least a zero, but we want to give it a try. At least the unique educational ecosystem in Finland is stronger than ever and finally I think we are able to play the game TOGETHER. Polkuni already applied to join the community. After several year of begging, we also are going to get our own quality stamp.

This year it is allowed to work TOGETHER!

Finally! The quality stamp.

Third time for real!

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