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Sir Richard

Virgin- "More experience you might expect". I got very inspired by Sir Richard Branson at Nordic Business Forum. He and his family survived hurricane Irma and gave face to disaster of Caribbean islands and action on climate change. Again he was there on site confronting head on like in all the other disasters (he mentioned shuttle crash and train accidents) that has occurred in his career. And he wanted to be there for the people who suffered loss, showing respect to vital human aspect of entrepreneurship.

Space- Why space? He turned this around and asked the audience. How many would like to go to space? Half the hands rose. He will personally step into his Virgin Galactic in just 7 months with his family. He is not headed to Mars (Elon will take care of that) but instead he wants to see what space can do to people back here. This reflection is the key driver why I'm heavily involved in Space Nation.

Family- Spend time with your kids, he said. Empathy seems be his passion. He took a walk with his father in the garden when he announced to drop school at the age of 15. His father said that you seem to know what you want already and I did not know even at 22. So get on with it and do it.

Entrepreneurship- Entrepreneurship is about making other people's life better. His school career was a disaster and he wanted to show to his mother success. His entrepreneurial skills saved his life during his balloon ride challenge. Check out what he is doing to promote entrepreneurship through Bransoncenter. Check out also my interview (in Finnish) in Finnish Entrepreneurship magazine.

Success- He mentioned keys to success: Look for people who are good to other people, delegate your workload, be a good listener and develop art of forgiveness.

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