Incredible India tour

Introduction to Indian educational market in Bangalore was arranged by Polar Partners of Tampere and local partner DBT. It was one of those successful tours in many ways. Two day meetings and intro's added by pilots were held in local schools. We learned a lot about the market and conditions where business should be made. It remains to be seen if something concrete comes out this, but listening to teams enthusiasm it it likely to happen. Alone in Delhi area there are more schools than in the whole of Finland. In cities digital infrastructure seems to be in ok condition. Still cultural and pedagogical challenges remain. Class size of minimum 40 students and low quality of teacher training to improve school environment and 30 % drop out rate in before 8th grade is a reality. In incredible India even minor improvement percentages mean millions of students. The big question still remains how as agile and diverse India is not the startup entrepreneurship hub of the world?

Sitting in the chaotic intersection gets you to the right Indian mood.

Kimmo of Polar Partners on stage sharing facts of Finnish Education.

Gamifying education through Seppo. CEO Riku on stage.

Lupo Wold received creative feedback from teachers.

Tomi the teacher of Lupo talking to CMR school pilot teachers.

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