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A truly Entrepreneurial school for kids... and the kids are open for business.

November 1, 2017


Over the weekend I had the real pleasure of attending the first "Trade Fair"at Dwi Emas school Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia ( Dwi Emas is the first Entrepreneurial school in Malaysia, it focuses on building an entrepreneurial mindset in young students so they are ready to make a positive difference in the world. The trade fair was the first the school has held to allow the students to showcase their business ideas, in many cases these ideas are no longer on the drawing board they are now in the marketplace selling to actual customers.


Anne Tham the school founder ( states that one of goals of the students making their own companies, is not only for all the educational benefits this brings, but to also allow them to pay forward for their future education from the revenue success of their companies. I'm sure if as student has put their own hard earned cash into their education, they are going to have a high level of self-motivation to do well, its certainly a win-win. for students, and parents !!


 Street wear designers....

 Founder, Designer, Manufacturer of Customised soaps....


 Author and self-publisher....

Founder of the Bloom tea company... 

 In the fair there were over 50 companies, with entrepreneurs from 8 years upwards !!



During the introduction of the event I was sat with M (, M is an international fashion designer based maniy in LA and Malaysia, working with many top names in the music industry. He is also a mentor to the students at Dwi Emas who want to learn more about how to break into the fashion world, its a great motivator to students when true entrepreneurs come back and share their knowledge and experience to help students learn from the real world. M is one of a number of entrepreneurial mentors who are now linked directly to the school in order to share and help the students. Real world meets future world !! great educational combination,  as the Dwi Emas logo says, more than a school !!


I also interviewed some of the young entrepreneurs,  very cool, check out my 3 minute video interviews here



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