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..making other peoples life better..

Definition of entrepreneurship by Sir Richard will be my guiding light during Slush. Polkuni will be sponsoring educational event XcitED in collaboration with Slush during the first day of Slush next door at Kokoustamo from 14-19. Last year Polkuni organised the first pre-Slush educational event and now we are ready to take the next step.

But WHY ?

- Learning will be lifelong and therefore it should be fun and personal to start with. If school as a system is not able to full fill their promise it will be disrupted.

- In many countries school system is twisted and a lot of money is wasted. Learning methods date 100 yrs back. The system is loosing the touch of reality and the ultimate goal of learning for life skills. We are wasting our biggest resource in the world...humans.

- Finnish approach to life long learning offers a unique opportunity globally. Our famous educational Finlab ecosystem is able to offer localised solutions globally and generate new approaches by learning from other cultures. It is always a two way street.

But WHY Slush?

All our kids need to develop entrepreneurial spirit to survive in the future labour market. This means creative and passionate attitude towards meaningful citizenship. Schools need to support personal development within students passion zones. Schools should the melting pots for early networking.

In the end it is about supporting HOPE and ability to DREAM.

Delhi airport runway 10/2017. A dream job?

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