XcitED - Entrepreneurship in Education

XcitED at first day of Slush (30.11) starting at 14 will be kicked off by session about entrepreneurship in education.

1.Anne Tham of Dwi Emas entrepreneurial school in Kuala Lumpur Malaysia will tell about the magic of her school and why she is expanding rapidly in Asia.

Why do her students like staying in school after lessons?

2. Panel discussion will follow with Saku Tuominen, Jussi Hinkkanen, Pekka Peura and Anne Tham.

Why creating entrepreneurship spirit is important in schools?

3. The sugar on the bottom is Anne's student Shailaja (8 yrs). She will tell us her entrepreneurship journey.

Why does her company exist?

Shailaja interviewed by Stuart of Polkuni in KL 10/2017.

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