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Leadership at Oxford HPLP

Daily Oxford High Performance Leadership Program Menu from Sunday to Friday.:

Breakfast: Starting with Mindfulness/Yoga early in the morning.

Followed by interactive lectures and group work of leadership issues.

Lunch: Staying awake with help of shared personal leadership stories.

Coaching individually on your specific leadership problem 1to1 and in group based on your 360.

Dinner: More science based interactive lectures on leadership with self-reflection and sharing.

Late snack: Networking, eating and drinking.

Participants: 40 people in all age groups from 20 countries.

My take away: Sharing your pain points opens a whole new perspective to solutions.

At the train station.

Lecture by Tim Morris; Leading change.

Nordic view of a ideal leader.

Dinner at Exeter College.

My accountability partner Onny.

Group coaching Damien, Amanda, Peter and me.

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