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"I have been trying to avoid educational startups", said an investor to me few days back and added kindly "so far". Investing into education is still a black hole to many investors. Even though many families globally invest significant amounts of their income to educate their kids properly. In many countries it cuts one of the biggest pieces from the budget. Nevertheless the system outcome does not meet minimum goals. Many drop out from educational path, are left unemployed after graduation or would not even think of educating themselves further...ever. Adding to that is a list of technological and environmental changes the kids currently in kindergarten will face in 20 yrs, I'd say that there is a sense of urgency at hand. If the current system is not working the likelyhood to disruption is growing. In investor terms that means opportunity at least to me. At the same time it has the survival element of humanity that might even concern your kids.

We Finns are very XcitED about a schoolquake.

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