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Why Polkuni sponsors XcitED in Slush?

Polkuni is a proud platinum sponsor of Educational XcitED event during the first Slush day. We are excited to test how life long learning resonates among investors, corporates and educational professionals in the biggest entrepreneurship event in Finland. For us it's all in for educational change for the better world.

But Why?

Let's face it. We, the humans, are destroying our planet in a rapidly increasing pace. The optimistic scenarios of our future have become dreams and we are about to face the biggest environmental change in human history. The only ones to fix it are the ones who caused the

But How?

It's all about awareness, innovation and action. This is where the spirit of entrepreneurship in learning steps in. It is the minimum viable solution to change our mindset. With the help of gamified digital content we are able to develop ourselves and our skills to match the radically changing future and make other people's life better. We need to re-invent our personal development with tools and new skills that should be taught already in pre-school level.

But What Finland has got to do with it?

We have the best public school system in the world and the brand is very strong. We can set an example by sharing our approach and collaborate to learn more ourselves. Learning is in Finland considered very personal and new teaching methods are widely piloted with very professional autonomic approach based on high values. In the 60's our political leaders all agreed that high quality and inexpensive schooling for all is the only way to make Finland great (again).

But when do we start?

Our 44 startup's from the Nordics are at XcitED to open your eyes on potential and opportunity. They have already started the change. It's your turn now.

It's not Silicon valley it's better and colder for sure!

Social and Emotional Learning by Mightifier

SEL and communication tools for kids

Read the facts and wonder why less is more?

Holistic view to learning

We are doing ok but it's far from perfect!

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