Polkuni HK 2017 its a wrap....

Lots of events throughout the year where I was either talking about Finnish education or as Polkuni we were promoting Finnish Education, so just some images from the last month of 2017 where we were involved in the HK Learning and Teaching show in HK in December, plus I made a trip to HK City University Shenzhen, to make a talk on the 23rd December, great crowd.


LEARNING AND TEACHING SHOW... great we had interest from the HK Secretary of Education Mr. Kevin Yeung about our Finnish stand, along with Victor our good fried from HK EdCity

As we all know branding is very important, so my business partner Pasi always walks the talk when it comes to branding at events.

Talk at HK City University Shenzhen Campus,

Looking back on 2017 we had a number of great successes and movement in the right direction to help develop Polkuni HK and better help and support the brands we work with, so below are some of the highlights but in no particular order.

Mightifier deal with Scholastic completed, so Scholastic take an exclusive agreement with Mightifier for the whole of the Asia region, this will certainly go a long way to help the issues of bullying in HK schools. Mightifer also now on trials in HK schools via the HK EdCity agreement.

KOKOA, with KOKOA we did our first EdTech evaluation in HK with more to come, 2018 will be an exciting year for KOKOA in Asia.

Emma Math, we did a lot of evaluation for the marketplace needs, so its clear where Emma Math needs to go next with their development.

SEPPO, has great potential to cover a number of sectors in the market, we now have trails in place with HK schools but we are working with some local partners of a health focused game for young students.

Lightneer, Big Bang Legends was launched in HK, with success PR campaign.

BANKING, we sourced manufacturing for BANKING in China, and POLkUNI HK signed a deal with OTP Hay Foundation for the exclusive representation of their Financial literacy products for Asia. This year will be kick off year for BANKING.

KiDDET, Singapore, Polkuni HK set up a partnership with KiDDET Singapore for distribution of products and services.

TinyApp, Tiny now to be trailed in Kindergartens in Hong Kong to check the system in an Asian environment.

Bizmind, soft market launch happened in Vietnam, trails with banks in Vietnam will start soon,then roll out to other Asian locations.

FunAcademy, now have a foothold in Hong Kong, and have also signed an MOU with Ace Edventure in KL Malaysia.

ACE EdVenture, the first Entrepreneurial school in Malaysia for primary and secondary students is working closely with Polkuni HK across a number of areas to develop their education model and school system.

CAMBRIUM, learn anywhere anytime the Cambridge Curriculum, Polkuni HK now working closely with Cambrium to develop this market sector.

More coming soon on the new start to 2018....

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