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Polkuni in Tokyo startup event....during the coldest weather for 35 years !!!

Japan is a very interesting market, with a population of 127 m people is no small country. The first thing you see and feel in Japan is everywhere is very clean and the people are very helpful, so you get a welcome feel good feeling. From a Polkuni perspective the reason for the trip is to see and learn more about the culture and see what is happening in the EdTech / education scene. I decided it would great to attend a startup event just to get a feel for what happens, given the whole event was in Japanese, it wa an interesting experience, but its amazing what you can pick up from just watching people interact in a different language and culture.

So here we are at the startup hub in central Tokyo, great layout and location.

So now you have as much information as I did going into the event, but some great people there.

Interesting that everyone is very focused on exchanging business cards, and networking with snacks, rather than listening to the speakers, the key is not to miss anyone in the room, and to network with everyone, kind of speed networking.

I have to make a big shout out to Misaki Yamashita, who was my guide and helped get em into the event, Misaki also made a talk on behalf of EdTech Asia, for who she is a an Ambassador of Japan. EdTech Asia is a great community, and one which I proud to be part of so check it out.

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