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Talking EdTech and Finnish education on a cold dark Tokyo evening.

During my time in Tokyo, I had the chance to make a presentation to a group of local people from around Tokyo who all had an interest in EdTech or Finnish education. I was truly amazed so many people turned up on a horrible cold weather, on a Saturday night, to see a talk in English !!. I was thinking would I go out on Saturday a night in HK in horrible weather to watch a talk in Japanese !! Fortunately I do put effort into to making very simple and visual slides so the key messages seemed to be understood. This was confirmed by some great questions in the Q&A session.

Some people even wanted to hang back and have a group photo, very nice group. I was also interested to see the spectrum of age groups of those who came to the talk, anything from students in their school uniform, to people looking at setting up a startup, to people who have launched startups, to those who own and run international schools. It also became clear that a lot of the issues that exist in the HK education system around some of the cultural issues, also exist in Japan, but on a bigger scale.

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