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Feel, Hear, See Polkuni Hel 2017

I started building Polkuni educational portfolio around Kokoa after summer 2015. Later in the autumn I added Fun Academy and Xedu to the portfolio. It was clear that I want to make a massive impact trough my investments.

I understood that you need strong path finders to build the ecosystem. Already 2016 someone thanked me after pre-Slush educational event for making education sexy. In 2017 we successfully completed in collaboration with Slush the education focused XcitED event in Slush. Looking now back to what we have achieved with all the amazing people around Finnish education, I feel humble and proud.

It's a my startup journey to explore my abilities as an investor, coach, mentor , board member and a deep dive to into myself into my passion zones. It forced me to change and educate myself around the mysteries of business twists. It has been so far "one hell of a ride". And the story continues.

We are hearing the tsunami of change approaching in education and hopefully the teams in my educational portfolio (totalling 11 companies currently) will be able to support that inevitable change for our planet and our kids. Do you feel it coming?

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