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Unicef calling..

I was honoured to be asked to talk to Unicef area representatives at Geneva today. Startup approach matched quite well with the challenges they face. You need constantly build trust with your network / key players and develop personal relationships. As I write this CNN is showing live show on UK's young royals joining forces for charity. Impact investing for global change gets new influential ambassadors.

For me Unicef as an organisation represents a well run business that deals with huge global problems. My focus being currently is empowering teenagers in Nepalese villages with local agile methods.

I heard also that countries have all the facts needed how investing to early childhood pays off for the country big in the future, but when financial decisions are made focus shifts to other matters. Even in these tough conditions Unicef has been able to place their operations in most countries in the world to give an option to current early childhood policy.

Personal Unicef move and sound group picture.

Unicef office at Geneva, Switzerland.

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