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Linking Malaysia with Japan

Last week I visited Dwi Emas International school in KL, the first entrepreneurial school in Malaysia, and a place thats always full of energy and excitement and laughter, not the sort of words you normally associate with a school, but Dwi Emas is more than a school, its the future of education happening in the present. It was also my pleasure to introduce Mami-san and Kiyomi-san the founders of laurus schools in Tokyo, Japan, who were there to look at the way Dwi Emas is teaching students to have an entrepreneurial mindset, something all children need in today's world. The creation and development of the entreperial school culture and eco-system is the brainchild of Anne Tham and her team in Malaysia.

Whenever you visit the school, your always going to feel and wonder way all schools cannot be like this, the answer is they could, they just need to follow the Dwi Emas formula.

Knowing the formula is one thing, applying it and making the culture that surrounds it and allows students to blossom is another.

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