Rapping up South by...Music

Naturally in Austin everything is related to music. We were trying to reflect the topics through SongHi. As music industry is struggling to discover it's future role (3 players in the world) other runnerups are entering the market.

It get's quite philosophical to start with for individuals trying to discover their musical path to identity and culture.

We are witnessing micro distribution of artist for small audiences who want to support their band by "giving" out money in return to their music. The big question is if music if free who makes money and how do bands survive? The artist is becoming the product not the music.

From educational perspective music is about finding your identity and self-confidence and also learning to fail in supportive environment. Learning music you also enter the world of systematic thinking (math, coding) by nature.

Some startups like Musically are having the audience of 200m and they are still trying to find out their business model. Warner Music has a one year master licensing model for startups to explore future opportunities around music business.

Lunch and good live music. What a combination!

Back packing around the world with carefully selected gear naturally includes your instrument.

Talking philosophical about culture and identity with Young Guru and Rodney Sampson

Heavy Rocking at Rainey Street.

Rocking boys with Little Bits guitars.

Music on the 5th street.

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