Tokyo Kindergarten group.... things are starting to Blossom in Tokyo !!

Its Cherry Blossom season in Japan, suddenly all the trees that are Cherry Blossom trees burst into colour at the same time making a great visual impact all over the city parks. So while I'm talking of blossom and change its also a good metaphor to share our very nice time with Mami-san and Kiyomi-san the owners and founders of lauras international school of science in Tokyo. Laurus is a kindergarten group that operates totally in English with a focus on STEM, Mami-san is a great inspiration for positive change and focus within the education system, so its our pleasure from a Polkuni perspective to be supporting this change approach with her. We look forward to a long term developing relationship with this forward thinking school group.

One of the great things about Japan, and there are many great things, is their traditional culture, although it is and will continue to be challenged by the modern day cultures, balancing the traditional with the modern is something Japan has managed to do better that any other nation at this point in time. It's even a pleasure to be part of a large orderly queue with no one pushing or trying to get in front all the time, or take short cuts or complain, some lessons to be learned here from the Japanese culture and traditions.

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