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SuperHeroes gettogether vol.4

After summer it's good to start with Polkuni CEO gettogether at the good old prison cell. This time Fuzu's Jussi Hinkkanen walked us through Fuzu's strategy and essentials to take into consideration during strategy planning. We built alternative scenarios to our current strategy for possible pivoting. What are your three alternative scenario's for the future and how do you test them alongside with your current strategy. If you do not have them, what are your chances during the pivot ? Successful execution needs solid understanding of who does what, who owns what and how progress is being measured.

Most active discussion was around the cultural pillars for optimal performance. SADLY many entering startup world do NOT understand fully what it actually means to work lean and mean. Then main mistake is to compare startup to corporate work environment at any point. Building the startup working culture is all about details, self-guidance and communication. Test your employees where they stand culturally compared to where they should be on the graph below.

Always analytical Jussi delivering a message with a touch of a humour.

Where are your team members in this chart compared to the company? Define each cultural factor from your company perspective, what it means in reality.

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