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Science for young children goes from Finland to Malaysia with growth partner Polkuni.

Anyone involved in education these days who looks to the future needs of education and to problems future societies will face understands the need for Science, and more importantly the critical thinking skills a scientific approach provides to future generations. The problem, science is not introduced to young children in a fun and engaging way, it only happens later in school life when children have formed other interests. To solve this problem and to spark the imagination of young children to show them science is all around us everyday, Dr Jenni Vartiainen created the complete solution during her PhD at the university of Helsinki, so was born Kide Science .

Now we find Kide Science in over 160 Kindergartens in Finland in a very short time, and now expanding in Asia (supported by growth partner Polkuni) where in the future we find many of the worlds scientists given the population and demographics of Asia.

The First Kide Science centre has just been opened in Kuala Lumpur, I took a short tour round recently and it looks great, the KL team have done a fantastic job of the location and young future scientists are already attending the first Kide Science workshops.

It's great to see young kids having fun with science and learning its all around given it makes up so much of our knowledge about the world, and will be more crucial than ever in the world of the young children of today.

And of course you can as a lifelong learner never give up on your child like curiosity about the world through Science.

Or occasionally let out the child inside !!

Kide Science has also been certified for educational quality by KOKOA certification in Finland, Polkuni is also the Kide Science growth partner for Asia.

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